ABSRACT TO REALISM                                                            A Creative Maze by Daniel Gregg  

Daniel Gregg

Drawing came naturally to me.  By age six I was copying cartoon characters, but my interest in art was not really ignited until I took an art class in high school.  I painted independently for several years using oils and eventually enrolled for art lessons at the Forum Art Institute under the tutelage of Nikola Bjelajac.

Nikola was a tremendous influence.  He exposed me to a huge variety of styles and subject matter and encouraged me to move from Realism to Abstract.  During this time, I changed mediums from oil to acrylic.  I have been exposed to and have experimented with a wide variety of mediums; Acrylic remains my favourite.

Eventually I enrolled in the Fine Arts Program at the University of Manitoba and completed my Fine Arts Degree.  Since then I have been instructing Acrylic Art Classes at the Forum Art Institute.

Inspiration for my art comes from daily life; from the gentle persuasion of waves and wheat fields to the dynamic draw of Spiderman as well as the historic influence of artistic masters both past and present.